Adam Grzybowski


Better mouse behavior on macOS


Recently I was trying to set up some games that I like, on my MacBook. M1s are really nice processors, most of my games were supported out of the box, and no troubleshooting was needed. My last Intel MacBook was struggling with temperatures. It was a fancy 16′ inch laptop with a “new cooling system”. Basically everyday fans were around working at 50-75% pace when browsing the web, up to 100% when working with code, or in any games. I would point out that It had an external graphic card – some Radeon, but it worked far worse than new M1s. Anyways, the thing that was haunting me the most, was the algorithm for handling mouse trajectory, acceleration, and sensitivity.

Windows handles it in a different way, and I gave it a try with a macOS algorithm, but after time I found out that my habits are too deep in my brain, and I couldn’t replace them. So I started looking for apps, that could overwrite/change the base macOS algorithm. I found an app that brings back Windows-like mouse handling. It’s called SteerMouse!

So this is the basic and default setting provided by macOS. There is no acceleration, all you can set up is just how fast the mouse moves thru your screen.

Here is the cursor setting in SteerMouse, all settings are much more accurate, and it supports acceleration!

It also allows you to remap keys in your mouse. My example shows that I use side buttons to switch between virtual desktops, which is like a superpower on macOS.

In summary, SteerMouse gives me the ability to play my games on macOS but also speeds up productivity by allowing me to switch between virtual desktops using my Logitech mouse.

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